What are the differences between the thin skin base hair systems?

Thin skin hair systems have become the most popular men’s toupee in the hair replacement system industry due to the pandemic. This is mainly because of the ease of production for the base material compared to monofilament or full lace systems.

However, these toupees were already popular because of their ease of maintenance and attachment while certain thin skin units also provide an extremely natural look. At XNhairpieces, we offer a number of skin base toupees and the following is a guide on the various differences between them.


The M111 and HD111 are the thinnest skin base hair units available at XNhairpieces, with the former being the thinnest hair system for men in the world with a thickness of 3 mils that carries 80% hair density with 95% hair density on 1 inch of the rim. The HD111, meanwhile, has a base thickness of 3-4 mils but can carry 95-100% hair density all over.

Because both these units are two of the thinnest skin toupees on the market, they provide an extremely natural look for the wearer. However, because of how thin they are, it also means reduced durability as the ultra thin skin M111 and HD111 can only last approximately four to six weeks before they need to be replaced with a new hair system. Therefore, these hair units are more commonly used as disposable hairpieces.


The M101 is a thin skin toupee with a thickness of 8 mils. Because of this increased thickness, it can not only hold 110% hair density at the front (with 100% light to medium density for the rest), but is also the most durable skin base with a medium to long durability depending on how well it’s maintained.

In comparison, other skin bases only have a short durability such as the aforementioned M111 and HD111 which both only last a couple of weeks. This unit also comes with a basic and perm option.


The M121 is the only skin base hair toupee that comes with super soft Remy European hair. That aside, it retains the main qualities of a thin skin hair system with invisible injected skin that has a thickness of 8 mils.

As far as hair density is concerned, the M121 has 95% overall with 100% hair density in the front. Additionally, it only has a short to medium durability.


The M158 is the only skin toupee that combines poly with French lace. It is a full clear thin skin system with French lace windows on top which helps make it breathable — a particularly useful feature given that all other skin bases are not too breathable. As a result, it is the ideal skin base that can be worn without a hat in a warm climate or for active people who sweat a lot.

Lastly, it has 100% hair density overall with an extra 15% density on top of the hairpiece and in the crown area with a short to medium durability.


The final skin base hairpiece that XNhairpieces offers is the M161 hair unit. This hair system uses a super soft thin skin poly base with a thickness of 5 mills. In addition, it has a ½ inch Swiss lace front and completely invisible knots throughout which helps create an extremely natural and realistic front hairline. Its durability ranges from short to long.

There is also an M161V version which is essentially the same as the M161, but uses v-loop knotting throughout the entire system for an even more realistic look. However, it comes with reduced durability because of this.

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